Mission and goals


We bring together employers, academics, workers and civil servants to create Europe’s only knowledge forum on the posting of workers under the freedom to provide services.

We promote the mobility of labour and services in the internal market of the European Union by ensuring good law and its proper interpretation and by opposing all forms of protectionism.

We finance our activities through membership fees, European Funds and donations.

Why you should join us?

We are changing the reality

As the only Polish non-governmental organisation, we were active throughout the work on the Implementation Directive on the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services. We actively cooperated with the Polish government and the rapporteur of the Implementation Directive in the European Parliament by developing expert opinions and sharing our knowledge. We provided arguments thanks to which the Polish delegation neutralised many threats to employers and their employees, including the most serious one, which was the attempt to introduce the principle of the so-called “one-off posting”.

This is how we intervene ...

We look at the labour and service mobility laws in force in Poland and the European Union, the legislative processes, as well as the actions of public authorities and the administration. We analyse court rulings. We listen to the problems reported by our members and supporters. We thoroughly analyse all the information we collect and, if necessary, react by informing the relevant institutions about problems and irregularities, preparing positions and opinions, and taking an active part in social consultations.

... organise ...

An important part of the Institute’s activities is the organisation of training courses and conferences, which include the European Job Mobility Congress and thematic training workshops in the Posting Lab series (for Members only). We also organise discussions, debates and social actions to publicise cases of discrimination against Polish service companies and their employees operating on the European market.

... research ...

Together with the Cracow University of Economics, we prepare research and legal analyses. The reports published so far have dealt with the issues of the correct interpretation of the notion of substitutability when posting workers, the principles of posting workers in the case of work performed in two or more countries, the protection of Polish posted workers and their employers against discrimination and the interpretation of the notion of a substantial part of activity when determining the applicable social security legislation.

... inform ...

Statements by our experts regularly appear in the Polish and international media. We organise our own press conferences and, at the invitation of partners, we also participate in other events. We communicate with our members electronically and through regular teleconferences. ELMI members are the first to receive access to up-to-date and reliable information on changing legislation and its interpretation.

... and educate

ELMI experts regularly meet with key Polish and European politicians and representatives of the European Commission and the Social Insurance Institution, informing them about the problems and barriers in the posting of workers. Our members have the privilege of individual consultations provided by our lawyers on legal, tax and insurance regulations within the framework of the posting of workers.