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Legal Posting Labs

Posting Labs is a cyclical workshop for practitioners, where we discuss issues related to the posting of workers in the context of the European legal order. The conclusions of each workshop are turned into good practices, practical tips and recommendations for participants. Workshops are organised at least once a month. We also offer participants the opportunity to propose topics and issues.


Posting of workers training courses

Training courses for entrepreneurs planning or starting to post employees to perform services in specific EU member states. Training courses are conducted in beginner or advanced versions and provide a ‘nutshell’ of knowledge on posting.


Closed workshops for ELMI members

Workshops dedicated to a specific company or organisation. Their topics and level of sophistication are tailored to the type of business, industry, forms of employment, specific trainees, their place in the organisation.


The ABC of Posting

Based on more than 10 years of experience, we have created a training programme for beginners who are just starting their professional adventure with delegating employees. The light-hearted formula is backed up by practical examples, giving participants the opportunity to build a solid foundation to enable them to navigate the complex subject of posting employees with ease.


Posting from A to Z

Twice a year, we organise open training where we discuss as many topics as possible, but at a general level. Their purpose is to structure the knowledge we already have and to give a bird’s eye view of the complex regulations of different countries, industries and areas of law. This allows delegation practitioners to get away from the daily routine of technical activities and understand their role in the freedom to provide services in the European Union.


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Upcoming workshops and trainings

___ 96 Posting Lab Workshop

Social security of posted workers

Meeting date: 2024-04-19, godz. 10:00,
Duration: 3h
Host: Marek Benio, PhD.
Price: Academics and public administration staff: free of charge
Ordinary members and employees of supporting members: PLN 300 net
Other persons: PLN 750 net
Location: online


Archival workshops and trainings