Labor Mobilis Award Gala

Unusual event

“The unique atmosphere of cultural Krakow” – this is how viewers describe the Labor Mobilis Award Gala each year. Artistically a gem. The invited artists are always exceptional figures of the music scene: Karolina Leszko, a great singer and songwriter, whose voice Michael Bublé compared to that of Celine Dion; Kasia Sochacka – a rising star who in 2022 won 4 nominations for the Fryderyk Awards and 2 statuettes; Jorgos Skolias, who recorded 8 albums for the New York label TZADIK, run by the legend of avant-garde and jazz music – John Zorn; Paweł Piątek – pianist of Marek Grechuta’s Anawa band, and later music director of the Grechuta Festival.

The directors of subsequent editions of the Gala included such outstanding people as Radosław Mleczko and Danuta Grechuta.

Unusual Statuette

The gala is undoubtedly a unique artistic event, which, however, does not obscure the idea of the Labor Mobilis Award itself. The award, which is a form of honoring people who have made a special contribution to combating barriers to the freedom to provide services on the internal market of the European Union. The statuette was awarded for the first time in 2013, and its founder is the European Labor Mobility Institute (ELMI).

Candidates for the award may be nominated by ELMI Members. The Institute is a group of over hundreds of people professionally related to the issue of posting workers in various forms. The synergy of the circles of employers, scientists, employees and officials allows for the selection of objectively the most appropriate candidates who objectively influence the shape of regulations and their correct interpretation.

The statuette itself is made of brass using the traditional method and placed on a pedestal made of precious wood, its shape refers to wings, which are a symbol of freedom.

Laureates of the Labor Mobilis Award


Danuta Jazłowiecka

Member of Parliament European


Radosław Mleczko

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy (PL)


László Andor

EU Commissioner for Employment and social affairs (HU)


Prof. Jozef Pacolet

Institute for Work and Social Studies, Catholic University of Leuven (BE)


Frederic De Wispelaere

Institute for Work and Social Studies, Catholic University of Leuven (BE)


prof. dr hab. Gertruda Uścińska

President of the Polish Social Security Institution