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Is posting of non-EU citizens to other Member States any different from posting of workers in the framework of the freedom to provide services?  

How does cross border provision of a service become hiring out of workers? 

How artificial intelligence is reshaping the process of posting workers abroad? 

We will be seeking answers to these and many other questions during the international conference ” EU Cross Border SERVICE PROVIDERS In Harmony with Law” organised by the European Labour Mobility Institute (ELMI) and the Polish Association of Home Care (PSOD). We will meet on Monday, May 20, 2024, at the CIC (Cambridge Innovation Centre)in the prestigious Varso Place in Warsaw.

International experts will meet with cross border service providers, public administration and scholars, aiming to discuss how law, jurisprudence and national practice facilitate the daily joint operation of companies, public administration, national and European legislators, and consequently also the employment and work mobility of Andriej, Pablo, Svetlana, Anna, and Elena, and eventually help European recipients enjoy their services.

Courts in service of service providers

Cross-border service providers should feel comfortable and harmonious with both the intricacies of EU law and national law. Law, jurisprudence, and national practice should not cause fear or headaches but provide support in exercising the freedom to provide services within the European Union. During the Conference, we will discuss how to reduce the risk of non-compliance caused by the complexity and pitfalls of law in the context of national practice.

By inclusive form of discussion sessions we encourage the participants to take the floor on equal terms with our guest speakers, authorities and experts, to share practical solutions to the existing barriers in the provision of services and to develop policy recommendations. 

Topics and context:

The main topics addressed will be:

  • Posting of third-country nationals
  • Artificial Intelligence in Harmony with EU Cross-Border Service Providers
  • Cross-border hiring out of temporary agency workers
  •  Take Good Care – Cross-border live-in care services 

The conference sessions will be conducted in a way that allows for an in-depth understanding and application of the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and national jurisprudence. We hope that  additional context will be provided by the European Commission’s report on the transposition by Member States of the so-called Revision Directive (Directive 2018/957/EU), if it is published before May 20, 2024. An additional, yet equally important context will be the international situation, with special consideration of the Russian war in Ukraine and the anticipated enlargement of the European Union.

Among the speakers and participants in the discussion will be leading authorities in the field of European Union law, national labour law, and social security, such as, among others:

Ignacy Niemczycki

Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

Prof. Gertruda Uścińska

Professor at the University of Warsaw, lawyer, Head of the Centre for Social Security Studies (at UW), professor at the Institute of Labour and Social Studies

Prof. Maciej Szpunar

First Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union

Prof. Daniel Eryk Lach, LL.M. (EUV)

Associate Professor at the Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, "Take Good Care Session" Speaker

Tanel Feldman

Active Moderator of the Temporary Work Agency session, aiming to answer practical questions on how entrepreneurs (EU service providers) should navigate in the trouble waters of law, jurisprudence and national practice.

dr Andrzej Szybkie

Director of the Department of International Benefits and Family Support at the Polish Social Insurance Institution, ZUS

Marta Zięba-Szklarska

Expert in Human Resources, Payroll, and Cross-border Employment, Interim Manager in the area of Consulting and Business Development in Poland and in international projects, a board member of the European Labour Mobility Institute

prof. dr hab. Marlena Sakowska-Baryła

Legal advisor, specializing in information law, personal data protection, speaker at the Digital Session "EU Service Providers in Harmony with Artificial Intelligence"

Jo Antoons

Attorney and Managing Partner of Fragomen’s Brussels office, member of European Commission Expert Group on Economic Migration

Michał Nowakowski

Expert in the field of implementing artificial intelligence systems from a business, technological, and legal perspective.

Marco Rocca

Permanent Researcher in labour law at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and affiliated to the DRES research unit of the University of Strasbourg, Speaker at "Temporary Work Session"

Frederic de Wispelaere

Research expert at HIVA–KU Leuven, active moderator of Posting of Third Country National Session.

Karolina Schiffter

advocate, partner, PCS | Littler

Ada Zaorska

President of the Polish Home Care Association, speaker at the "Take Good Care Session"

Nadia Kurtieva

Expert at the Department of Labour in the Lewiatan Confederation

Ewald Oberhammer

Oberhammer Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Alessandro Arletti

Chartered accountant and founder of Arletti & Partners with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry

Andrzej Korkus

Co-founder and CEO of EWL Group, one of the fastest-growing global mobility employment firms in the EU

Joanna Janicka

Payroll & Labour Compliance Manager at Contrain, a Temporary Employment and HR Services Agency

Paulina Piskor

CEO at Contrain Group sp. z o.o., Board member at Contrain Poland sp. z o.o. Temporary Employment Agency posting workers to foreign user employers

Joanna Kozikowska

Processes & Technologies Manager w Contrain Group sp. z o.o. Temporary Employment Agency posting workers to foreign user employers

Marc Geer

Global Operations Director at Fragomen, explores the potential of Artificial Intelligence as a new frontier in immigration services

David Wernsing

Attorney at one of the leading Dutch corporate immigration law firms, Maes Law

Zbigniew Bartuś

Journalist and columnist for Forsal.pl and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Izabela Florczak

Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and Projects at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz, Of Counsel at the C&C Chakowski&Ciszek law firm

Kamil Matuszczyk PhD

Assistant professor, University of Warsaw

Dr Marcin Kiełbasa

Legal scholar and legal advisor, currently serving as an assistant professor at the Department of Public Economic Law and Labor Law at the Cracow University of Economics

Marek Benio

Lawyer, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Vice President of the European Labour Mobility Institute


What to expect?

After a brief opening of the Conference, thematic sessions focused on active exchange of views between experts and participants encouraged to ask questions and express their opinions will begin.

Participants should expect no boring presentations and series of disconnected mini-lectures. Instead, we encourage discussion in four thematic sessions aiming to find solutions to real problems. There is plenty of time for an inclusive discussions not only during the scheduled sessions but also at the evening conversations, lasting into the late hours in the integrating atmosphere of an informal meeting at the Piano Bar Norblin. 

9:00 Registration
9:30 Inauguration by ELMI & PSOD
Welcome by Mr Ignacy Niemczycki – Undersecretary of State
9:45 Interview with Prof. Maciej Szpunar AG CJEU
Artificial Intelligence in Harmony with EU Cross-Border Service Providers
11:45 Coffee break
13:45 Lunch
Cross-Border Hiring Out Workers in Harmony with Law
16:00 Coffee break
Cross Border Live-in Care Services
18:00 Instead of a Summary…”Mobility Blind Date Show!” 😉
18:45 Time for Dinner
20:00 Piano Bar| Afterparty
21:00 Piano Bar| Concert

Throughout the day, individual consultations with authorities and practitioners of labour law, as well as networking events.


The official part of the “In Harmony with Law” Conference will take place on Monday, May 20, 2024, in the CIC (Cambridge Innovation Centre) space – marked with the letter A on the map – in the prestigious Varso Place in Warsaw, at Chmielna 73 Street in Warsaw.

Accompanying events

In the evening part of the Conference, less formal discussions will take place at the Piano Bar Norblin on Żelazna Street 51/53 – marked with the letter B on the map – located 15 minutes from the main conference venue. This may be a half hour guided walk just touching the history of Mirów – the sky scrapers Warsaw district. 



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The latest information about the "In Harmony with Law" Conference can be found on the website www.labourinstitute.eu/events/in-harmony-with-law, but it is also worth following our social media and event pages, where we continuously talk about all the program points. https://www.facebook.com/events/904632661400949?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22groups_highlight_units%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D

Access to the conference on preferential terms is available to public administration employees, academic staff of universities not running business activities, members of the European Labour Mobility Institute Association, and all those who have a discount code. If you want to check which discount applies to you - fill out the registration form and indicate your eligible roles to see what price is calculated for you.

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