The full name of the project

Collaboration as the key to overcoming challenges in the posting of workers in the care, construction, transport and agriculture sectors



September 2022 – January 2024



The main objective of the project is to increase the effectiveness of the enforcement of the fundamental rights of posted workers while ensuring their free and fair movement by developing, in cooperation with social partners and public organizations, solutions to overcome barriers and difficulties in monitoring and implementing the provisions of the Posting of Workers Directive with regard to to the care, construction, transport and agriculture sectors.


Planned activities

A working session of experts devoted to the diagnosis of the most important barriers related to the posting of workers, as well as the development of solutions to these problems. Conclusions collected by ELMI experts will be transformed into training and information materials.

A series of trainings addressed to representatives of employees, employers and public institutions dealing with the posting of workers. The content of the training will be based on the findings of the expert working session. The trainings will be adapted to the specificity of posting workers in the sectors covered by the project.

Co-organization of the European Labor Mobility Congress in Krakow – the largest European non-commercial cyclical event devoted to the posting of workers and the freedom to provide services. The Congress will help to draw the attention of a wider audience to barriers to the provision of services in the internal market and ways to reduce them without compromising the protection of posted workers. The ELMC allows you to establish contacts that allow you to disseminate knowledge about the posting of workers, including the dissemination of materials developed under the ACCT project.


The project will contribute to
  • improving the protection of posted workers while ensuring that they can move freely to carry out their work,
  • promoting the use of IMI and EESSI – information exchange systems between institutions controlling working conditions and social security,
  • increasing the availability and transparency of information on the detailed conditions of posting workers in selected service sectors;
  • establishing cooperation between the actors of the EU common market for services.



Madrid Workers’ Independent Trade Union Coalition – CSIT-UP (E)


  • European Labor Mobility Institute (PL)
  • Social Insurance Institution (PL)
  • Polish Trade Union in Norway – Solidaritet (N)
  • National Federation of Trade Unions for Administration (RO)
  • Association of Construction Enterprises (CZ)
  • Construction Trade Union (CZ)
  • Health and Social Workers Union (SRB)