___ 86 Posting Lab Workshop

Include? – Not to include? Expenses, deductions, per diems….

Date: 15 June, 2023, hour 12:00

Duration: 3h

Location: Kraków & online

Host: Marek Benio, PhD.


Academics and public administration staff: free of charge
Ordinary members and employees of supporting members: PLN 300 net
Other persons: PLN 750 net



Workshop based on examples from, inter alia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden

  • Principles for determining the rates of remuneration of posted workers depending on the industry and the place where the services are performed,
  • Net or gross rate on the contract?
  • Posting allowance vs. per diem (or equivalent),
  • Determination of income for the purposes of public levies
  • Determining the basis for social security contributions, in particular for an incomplete month of work
  • Deduction of travel and accommodation expenses (!)
  • Accounting for business travel expenses in the host country
  • Components to be included in the required salary rates and benefits paid in addition to salary
  • When do fringe benefits constitute income for contribution or tax purposes
  • Consequences of incorrect calculation of wages, contributions, taxes – Who is liable? What sanctions? In which country?


11:30 Coffee and fruits
12:00 Posting Lab
14:00 Participant questions and discussion

For whom?

The workshop is addressed to practitioners deciding on the amount and components of the remuneration of posted workers, HR and payroll specialists in companies providing services in another Member State, officials controlling, inter alia, the basis of assessment for social security contributions and the basis of assessment for income tax, lawyers, tax advisors, business advisors and researchers and popularisers in the field of freedom to provide services in the EU.

Ask a question

Posting Labs workshops are interactive. Their aim is to exchange practical experiences and share knowledge. Questions asked in advance will be answered by the presenters in the first instance.

Other information

The 86th Posting Lab will be held in a hybrid format on Thursday 15 June from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Those who decide to participate in person are welcome to come to Krakow, 3 Bernardyńska St. The number of participants is limited.

We are waiting for applications until 10 June. Please send them to the e-mail address kontakt@labourinstitute.eu with a note whether you intend to participate stationary or on-line on the zoom platform.