17 February, 2023

ELMI in the Prime Minister’s Office on the posting of third-country nationals

European Institute for Labour Mobility in the Office of the Prime Minister on the posting of third-country nationals

Stefan Schwarz, Dr. Marek Benio and Dr. Marcin Kiełbasa, together with a specialist from the Leviathan Confederation Nadia Kurtieva, participated in a meeting with experts from three Ministries held at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (KPRM). The meeting focused on barriers to the provision of services by service providers employing third-country nationals.

The participants analyzed in detail the requirements of German law on obtaining visas of this kind for posted workers (citizens of Ukraine), as presented by our experts (and included in our expert report, previously sent to individual institutions). obtaining by posted workers (citizens of Ukraine), visas of this kind, as well as other barriers to posting. The paths currently available in this regard were also discussed in detail. We encourage you to follow our next steps in this regard.

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