19 April, 2023

“Hot chair” interview with Jozef Gawron, Deputy Marshal of the Małopolska Region at the EKMP 2023

The first day of the European Labour Mobility Congress will close with a "hot chair" interview with a representative of our Regional Partner, Jozef Gawron, Deputy Marshal of the Małopolska Region. The main topic of the conversation will be the presence of Ukrainian citizens on the Malopolska labor market. The interview will be conducted by editor Zbigniew Bartuś (DGP). Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian women have found not only help and shelter but also employment in Malopolska. And, after all, these are not people who came to Poland in search of work, but war refugees. Work is the best form of assistance that can be given to those enjoying temporary protection, because it restores their dignity, hope and a sense of security. At the Congress, we are asking, among other things, whether female workers under temporary protection can be posted to other member states by their Malopolska employers? Deputy Marshal of the Malopolska Region Józef Gawron Deputy Marshal of the Małopolska Region and the councilor to the Małopolska Region Parliament from the Tarnów district. Józef Gawron is a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with the specialization in Machine Technology. He also completed post-graduate studies in IT, post-graduate studies in economics, specializing in Entrepreneurship and post-graduate studies in Healthcare Manager. Between 2015 and 2018 he held the position of the Vice-Voivode of the Małopolska Region. For his activities for the local community, he was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit by the President of Poland. More informations-> Malopolska.pl