21 September, 2023

Information obligation and posting of employees. Workshop in Lublin!

90th Posting Lab - stationary and online workshops

For the next Posting Lab we invite you to Lublin. The workshop will take place on October 12. Stationary participation will take place in the conference room at the Wieniawski Hotel, online participation is possible as always on the zoom platform. There has been a change in the form of registration for participation in the workshop. In order to sign up for the Workshop, we kindly ask you to fill in the application form by clicking REGISTRATION

The workshop is intended for posting professionals, HR and payroll specialists, managers, academics and employees of regulatory institutions. The Posting Lab will be led by the Vice President of ELMI - Marek Benio PhD.

Workshop topics

The directive on transparent and predictable terms and conditions of employment has been implemented differently in national legislation. Should we apply the information obligation to employees posted from Poland according to Polish regulations or according to the regulations of the host country? Is the information obligation incumbent on principals who post employees? And most importantly: what information must be included in the written information given to posted employees? What are the penalties for lack of information or incorrectly drafted information?

Light form, lots of examples, Q&A.


  1. Directive on transparent and predictable terms and conditions of employment
  2. Information obligations past and present
  3. Overview of information obligations in selected (host) Member States
  4. Scope of written information
  5. Specific information in relation to the posting of workers
  6. Workshops on the correct formulation of the written information
  7. Liability
  8. Benefits for the employer of correct written information
  9. Discussion

Practical information

The 90th Posting Lab will be held in a hybrid format on Thursday 12 October from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Those who choose to attend in person are welcome to come to Lublin, the conference room at the Wieniawski Hotel. The number of places is limited. Online participation will take place as always via the Zoom platform. Please register your participation via the registration form.

The cost of participation in the Workshop is 300 PLN net for Ordinary Members and employees of Supporting Members and 750 PLN net for non-members. Academics interested in the topic of employee delegation and public administration employees can take part in the Workshop free of charge.

Na zgłoszenia czekamy do 5 października. Jak zwykle zachęcamy do dyskusji i do zadawania pytań na kontakt@labourinstitute.eu. Na pytania nadesłane przed wydarzeniem odpowiemy w pierwszej kolejności.