20 October, 2023

Two-day International Training in our ACCT Project – in search of answers to challenges in the posting of workers

On 17 and 18 October 2023 Dr. Marek Benio and Dr. Marcin Kiełbasa took part in a two-day event as part of one of the ELMI's European Commission Grant Projects entitled 'ACCT - Cooperation as a key to overcome challenges in the field of Posting Of Workers from care, construction, transport and agriculture sectors'.

Two days of International Training – scope and the course thereof

The two-day event was dedicated to discussing and testing the training materials resulting from the work carried out within the Project, including in particular the activities undertaken by the two our Experts and the meetings already held in the Project. Both Dr. Benio and Dr. Kiełbasa prepared extensive training material, divided into three major areas (then subdivided into respective thematic modules): labour law, social security of posted workers and miscellanea, covering inter alia posting of third-country nationals, posting of workers by temporary work agencies (hiring out personnel), so-called ‘employers of record’ as well as comprehensive overview of the most relevant and latest judgments of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in the above-mentioned areas.

Such material was put to discussion during the meeting (moderated by Dr. Benio with the support of Dr. Kiełbasa) and critically evaluated by the other Project Partners. Indeed, the training sessions on both days had a strong practical dimension. They were focused on solving practical problems, discussing the doubts and identifying the practical methods that shall be used to solve problems in the area of posting workers from sectors covered by our Project. The Experts used some working methods involving participants especially case study analyses, panel open discussions, negotiation modules and techniques.

In particular, the Participants discussed the challenges in the posting of workers in the provision of services in the EU in specific areas of law. They highlighted the need for a sectoral approach to the posting of workers in:

  • agriculture
  • construction
  • care
  • transport (hence the acronym of the Project’s name)

There was no shortage of reflections on potential solutions proposed for each type of challenge.

Next steps in the Project

After the training sessions, the Participants will receive the training materials, aimed consolidate the knowledge they gained. It will also enable equipping them with useful and essential knowledge in the cost-effective, innovative and effective way. Subsequently, the ELMI Experts will implement the Partners’ recommendations. Further work on the training materials will be taking place remotely. The aim is to critically evaluate it, to further systematise and consolidate the knowledge and to render it ready to be applied and spread widely in the form of informative and training materials.

Dr. Marcin Kiełbasa